Fixing MacBook Pro Keyboard and Trackpad in Windows Boot Camp

After a recent major Windows 10 update in Boot Camp on my 2016 MacBook Pro, the integrated keyboard and trackpad just completely stopped working. I was able to connect an external USB keyboard and mouse so that I could continue using Windows, and confirm that everything else seemed to be working just fine.

The Boot Camp "Repair" option in the Programs and Features Control Panel did not restore any of the functionality. I managed to get things working properly again after a full re-install of the Boot Camp drivers. Someone has developed a utility to download the drivers directly in Windows, or you can follow these steps.

  1. Boot into Mac OS and run Boot Camp Assistant.
  2. Click the Action menu and select Download Windows Support Software. Make note of where the files are being downloaded.
  3. Copy the files to a USB drive, or upload them to cloud storage somewhere (recommended for future use).
  4. Reboot into Windows, copy the files from the USB or cloud, and run the setup.exe file. This will present a "Repair" option again, similar to the Control Panel option, but this really does reinstall all the drivers.
  5. Reboot into Windows again.
I found the keyboard and trackpad began working immediately after the Repair/Install completed, but rebooted as recommended. After rebooting, the keyboard and trackpad again didn't seem to be working, but they started working normally less than a minute after the Windows login screen appeared.